The team is driven by 4 young professional who share a passion to run a Gin lounge in Northampton. Scientists at heart – we believe that maximum flavour can be extracted from Gin, by carefully matching the intrinsic botanicals with carefully selected Tonic and garnishes. We offer variety, great information and a fun place to come and drink. We are dedicated to providing new flavours, experiences for people who want to learn about mixing, and a place to sit and socialise.


Come down and join us

21 St.Giles Street


The history of the building has been hidden until the sign was accidentally uncovered by a building contractor in 2009. Established in 1872 as the Office for Weights and Measures. Before people had personal scales, or knew how much things weighed they had to go to a place they could trust had calibrated equipment to weight stuff, like hay and donkeys. In a modern world, we have the pleasure of repurposing the Office for Weights and Measures for it’s true calling; Northampton’s finest gin lounge.